Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions

Q- How do I know if I can apply for a grant from the Seybert Foundation?

A- Please read our eligibility requirements closely for content referring to:

  • Mission fit (organization’s focus must be on children and youth, direct services) ;
  • Geographic limitations (City of Philadelphia, not region);
  • Size/annual budget restrictions (less than $1.5m);
  • Financials required (have filed at least one 990)…

…When in doubt about eligibility, ask before applying!

Q- What does a typical Seybert grant look like?

A- The average grant size is between $3500 – $5000, and all grants are made in the form of General Operating Support.  Grantee organizations should have an annual operating budget of less than $1.5 million and primarily serve children and youth in the City of Philadelphia.  Check out our recent grantees for examples.

Q- If our annual operating budget is more than $1.5 million, but our “children and youth” program budget is less than that, are we eligible to apply?

A- In most cases, no.  Because Seybert makes its grants in the form of general support, it is your operating budget, not program budget, that matters in the application process.  Rare exceptions may be considered, but you must contact us to seek prior approval to apply if your annual operating budget exceeds $1.5 million.

Q- If we have large programs dedicated to children and youth but we serve adults as well, are we eligible for funding?

A- Some of our grantee partners also serve adults, but it is critical that your organization’s primary target population is children and youth. This is usually demonstrated by the majority of your direct services being delivered to children and youth.  See Funding Priorities for more detail.

Q- If we serve the greater Philadelphia region and not just the City of Philadelphia, are we eligible for funding?

A- While our Board prioritizes support for organizations focused on the City of Philadelphia, those organizations serving the region may also be considered, provided the majority of their service population is in the City of Philadelphia itself.

Q- We are in the midst of starting a nonprofit organization that looks like it will be a good fit for Seybert’s funding.  Are we eligible to apply even if we have not yet received official nonprofit status?

A- Unfortunately, no.  The Seybert Foundation supports organizations that have already received their official 501 (c) 3 status from the IRS.  If you meet our eligibility requirements, you are welcome to apply to Seybert once your organization has filed its first tax return.  Start-up nonprofits may find these resources helpful in the meantime.

Q- How do you pronounce the name of the Foundation?

A- The name “Seybert” is the family name of our founder, Henry Seybert.  The first syllable is pronounced with a long-I sound (like the word “pie”), not a long-E sound (like the word “see”).