Board of Directors

The Seybert Foundation’s Board of Directors consists of active community members who volunteer their time to review applications, oversee operations and governance, and conduct site visits of partner organizations. At Seybert Foundation we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We are proud of our diverse Board of Directors, and we continually strive to build an organization whose leadership reflects the broad range of backgrounds and experiences that are relevant to the communities we serve in Philadelphia. Seybert’s Board Diversity efforts were recognized in the September 13th, 2017 edition of Generocity.

Obinna I. Abara, Esq., President

Marissa Meyers, Vice President

Cat Lavigne, Secretary

Matthew A. Grande, Treasurer

Rich Sedmak

Deepa Vasudevan

Landon Jones, Esq.

Cicely Peterson-Mangum, Esq.

Miguel Morel

Noor Bowman (non-voting)

Directors Emeriti

Graham Finney

H. Gates Lloyd, III

The Board of Directors gratefully acknowledges the service of recent Directors:

Dario Bellot

Aishah Miller

Linda White

Julie Cousler Emig

Dwayne Wharton

Sara S. Moran

Dee Hillas

C. Richard Cox

William C. Bullitt

Susan Day, MD

Lucy Wolf Tuton, PhD