The Seybert Foundation’s charter requires that it support nonprofit organizations serving disadvantaged children and youth in the City of Philadelphia. Therefore, in order to apply for funding from Seybert, your organization must be dedicated to providing services to children and youth in the City of Philadelphia. In addition, the following attributes are given priority:

  • Annual operating budget of less than $1.5 million (unless prior approval)
  • More than 50% of programs and services are dedicated to youth in Philadelphia (the higher the percentage the better)
  • Filed at least one tax return with the IRS (form 990)
  • Providing services to the highest-need youth in Philadelphia
  • Effective leadership (Board and staff, if any)
  • Strong connections to the community you serve
  • Eagerness to improve quality through learning

If your organization receives a grant from the Seybert Foundation, you are required to submit a Report at the end of the grant period.  Grantees are welcome to apply for another grant one year after the submission of their previous proposal.  If an organization receives funding for four consecutive years, Seybert requests that it refrain from applying for one full year before submitting its next proposal.

Seybert Grantee, West Park Cultural Center

Seybert grantee partner West Park Cultural Center